Meditation I: Six Week Series

Six Week Series: Sundays, February 7 – March 13

1 pm – 2:30 pm

Nina Johnson, Instructor  – Click for bio.


This beginning level course includes instruction in the fundamentals with the goal of providing students all of the tools necessary to begin practicing meditation.  The course is a combination of lecture, discussion, and in-class guided practice.

Students will learn how to sit comfortably for meditation; to use breathing as tool for focusing and quieting the mind; and relaxation practices which are helpful for calming both the body and the mind; all as a preparation for meditation.

Students learn how to use a simple mantra as a tool for accessing and deepening the meditative state. Suggested reading (optional): Rama, Swami. Meditation and Its Practice. Honesdale, PA: Himalayan Institute Press, 1992, 1998

6 Week Course $85 / $45*         
*Seniors (over 60), students, veterans, and repeated course

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